Albert, my anthropomorphized ballon, and I for ever <3

Something Sweet

I’m lying at a crossroads; not standing.

Staring up at a turning sky waiting for the atmosphere to morph into some celestial sign.

We’ll wait.

Everyone waits.

Not knowing that what we finally reap is something we sowed many nights before. 

Autumn is upon us. Time hang up the club tunes, and break out the chilly gray songs that make my insides vibe with the weather as one. 



Jim Jarmusch Week
Night on Earth, 1991
Cinematography: Frederick Elmes

wow i want those aviators 

This looks like my face

“If I spend too much time alone, I start thinking about what death will be like, and that’s always a weird dark path to find yourself on in the early hours of the day.”
“No one is on your side. Nationwide isn’t even on your side”
— internet

Luzon Island - Philippines 

GPOY. With that statement and this gif. I’d like to formally welcome myself to the tumblr community.  

“If time is my vessel
then learning to love may be my way back to sea”
— Interpol


He took his girfriend’s kid down to the ice cream store

Bought her a pretty standard flavored dairy-product heavily sweetened bore

As she stared dolefully at the floor

Thinking as the pink goo dripped to her shoe:

When will I get to go home and take this dress off?

It’s stained with all the memories of my mom’s first bruiseby the first Tom Cruise

Who had swept her off her feet and pinned mine to the dirty floor 

As he ventured to explore the caverns my father had tore through her tiny self image frame

that shattered when he had splattered upon it

red paint and pretty false diamonds that sparkled make-believe futures of what they’d be.

Twenty years later that drug-store dress is all torn

and she’s sitting in the pisser of the local tavern on the tiled floor

clawing at ghosts of voices that keep screaming she’s a fucking whore.

I’m sad again.  I tried telling her about a piece of me I maybe had figured out.  Something that might explain why everything that was supposed to be so vibrant in life is gray.  

When I was three years old my mom and dad were driving us home from a little outing to Wendy’s for shakes or burgers or both, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got both, they treated me really nice as a kid.  It was once we had turned off the main road and into the neighborhood maze that I had began to notice that red-haired freckly stained face smiling intimidatingly at me from yellow paper cup.  There were piercing blue eyes and her pigtails swooped ridiculously off her head and I started to cry so frantically like it was the only escape for a wave of emotion rushing up my esophagus and through my body.  It shook me and pained my heart, but what unsettled my infant mind the most was that I couldn’t explain to my parents what was making me so sad.  Not even in the poignant broken grammar of an honest and ignorant kid could I express myself, because I couldn’t even begin to explain to my own head what I thought was going on with me.

I’ve been sad for a long time now, and I think it’s just apart of my circuitry.      

“Let hope guide and fear drive.”

Beyond the Eucalyptus Veil

And when your summer ends

I will dance down the aisle of eucalyptus trees

With salty branches brushing my skin as I pass by

With their sticky coating

Under the flickers of candlelight that have yet to extract their fame

As a faceless master is yet to find his name

 Until acquainted with the unturned soil

But I’ll twirl without a history under the dim ceiling of my dream and tear off the film

Because I am nobody

But the shadow that haunts the corners of your wide blue eyes

Rather that intangibility

That haunts the black crevices

Of the stubborn edifices

Which reside in each empty casing.

So I drift on limber toes

Through the narrow expanses

Of your distant mind